About Derma Rollers…

Curious about the wonders of this spiky instrument?

Derma Rollers are designed to improve the overall surface of your skin. Not only is it used to rid the skin of acne scarring, but it is also used to clear pigmentation and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


How does a Derma Roller work:

By piercing the skin, it triggers the skin to regenerate and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. You may feel that blood is surfacing to the top of your skin, but this is good. It means your skin is given the chance to heal from inside.

It is essential to use a serum of your choice before and after rolling, in order to feed the skin. The serum will also travel deeper into the pathways of your skin, creating a more powerful effect.


Does it hurt?

The needle lengths that are on offer on this website, have been chosen since they are not very painful. Of course, the longer the needle, the more discomfort there is. If there is a concern about discomfort, it is always a good idea to try out the entry-level needle length of 0,25mm and work your way up when you feel comfortable and ready.


How to use it and get the best results for you:

This depends on what the desired end result is. On this page is a guide to the needle lengths on offer, benefits from using it, and how frequently it should be used to get the best results. It’s important not to over-do it and use it more frequently than recommended, as this may damage the skin.

Marble Skin Derma Rollers
Marble Skin Facial Cleansing Device with Silicone Facial Brush

Dynamic  Facial Cleansing Device…

The wonderful works of the Silicone Brush:

A revolutionary tool in skincare has been brought to you, now at an affordable price. The Silicone Brush provides a deep pore cleanse, as well as skin tightening, pore shrinking and overall smoothening of the skin. Results can be noticed from the first time used. The Silicone Brush has been designed to be used by all skin types and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Using this device regularly and consistently, it will become an effective tool in preventing the development of acne and impurities. It will also activate skin cells and provide the overall rejuvenation of the skin.


Exfoliation and circulation:

The Dynamic Facial Cleansing Device comes with 3 other brush heads. The Exfoliating Brush is used for a deep exfoliation in order to remove dead skin cells, as well as excess make up. The Soft Brush is used as an alternative to the exfoliating brush, for sensitive skin types. The Massage Head is used to increase circulation in the skin, as well as activate skin cells.


How to use the kit and get the best results for you:

Below are the recommendations for the frequency of use for each brush head:

  • Silicone Brush – 1-2 times daily, as with skincare routine
  • Exfoliating Brush – Once a week as needed
  • Soft Brush – Once a week as needed
  • Massage head – Up to 2 times a week as desired


*Please note – Device to be used for the duration of 2 minutes only. Be careful not to over-use.


This premium brush makes use of advanced Silicone technology and provides multifunctionality.

Benefits of Elixir Brush vs Dynamic Cleansing Kit:

  • Fully Waterproof – Can be used in shower or bath
  • Advanced Silicone Brush Head
  • 2 Minutes routine timer
  • Changes rotational direction every 10 seconds for a more effective clean
  • Charging unit has UV lights that kills excess bacteria on brush
  • High quality overall


Results that can be expected from using the Elixir Brush:

  • Acne/impurity preventing
  • Smoothening of skin
  • Shrinking of enlarged pores
  • Rejuvenation
  • Tightening of skin
  • Activation of skin cells
Marble Skin Derma Rollers